Stone Crete Plastering

Project Name: Stone Crete Plaster for Hostel Gym

Client: College of Engineering, Pune
Location: Shivajinagar, Pune
Year: 2018

At Design ERA Solutions we love to experiment with new things not just this but we make sure that we succeed in them. Stone Crete plastering is one of our special works. This is a special kind of plastering done using stone pieces, which looks super cool. One can use stones of different colors giving a colourful elevation as required. Such plastering is super cool as it ensures zero maintenance cost.

We have provided the Stone Crete plastering for College of Engineering, Pune Hostel Gym building. In this work stone shades used were white and black as per the architect requirement. During this project we have done a stone Crete plastering for total of 1600sq.ft. area