Our services

  • RCC & Steel Structures
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • Road & Utility Works
Repair and Rehabilitation (Renovation)
  • Up - Gradation
  • Maintenance Work
Estimation & Survey works
  • Project Valuation
  • Quantity Estimations
  • BOQ Preparation
  • Land Surveying
Special Works
  • Interior Works
  • Campus Beautification
  • Stonecrete works
Dedicated and devoted for bringing dreams come to life..!!

We provide all the construction facilities for yourprojects. We facilitate all the required services from initiation of your project to the completion of the same. We construct the RCC as well as steel structures. Your project may be of any type i.e residential, commercial or industrial; we’ll help you through it.
We not just facilitate construction of new structures but we also do all kind of finishing works i.e. flooring, painting etc. We even take up the turnkey projects. We are into the beautification projects as well, e.g. creating beautiful hardscapes as well as outdoor facilities. We even work for infrastructure services lay downs.

Quality is what we perceive to assure your satisfaction…!!

If you are thinking of repair or renovation of your same old structure, we can do that for you. We do all kind of repair and rehabilitations works. We also do all kind of the renovation works involving construction works, painting, ceiling and flooring as well as interior works.

Mapping the physical world around you …!!
Helping you to make your vision come true…..!!

If you wish to start new project or renovate your existing structure, we can help you to rough estimate the project cost and duration at inception stage itself. Along with this, we’ll also help you with the detailed quantity estimation as well as cost estimation of your project.
Apart from all the works, we can also help you through your land surveying works. We work with latest surveying equipment such as total station, auto level and hence provide you with accurate land surveying.

Spreading happiness by beautifying world around you…!!

We also render our customers with some special works like- Stone Crete plastering, Green wall, Campus beautification works and all kind of interior decoration works. At SBPL we are determined to experiment with new things and execute them successfully.